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The Melbourne Physiotherapy Concussion Clinic specialises in the evaluation and treatment of all sport, and non-sport, related concussions caused by impact or head injury. In particular, we offer care to those patients suffering from persistent symptoms several weeks post-concussion. Professionally treated, and taken seriously, a concussion shouldn’t put you out of the game for any longer than necessary

By utilising the latest evidence-based diagnostic techniques, we can accurately assess the impact of concussion on each individual patient. Concussion symptoms vary greatly from person to person and can change markedly over time. There is no “typical” concussion presentation.

Once carefully assessed and diagnosed, we then prescribe an individual and personally dedicated rehabilitation program to address the underlying symptoms. Such programs have been shown to increase the return to sport rates at 8 weeks post-concussion by nearly 4 times compared to a rest-only approach. Being prescribed a carefully managed diagnosis ensures you are in good hands.

Our ultimate aim is the safe, and complete, return to full activities for all our patients, as quickly as possible.

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More and more physiotherapists and specialists are finding that concussion has a long-term impact on daily life. It’s important to seek treatment, even if it seems minor.

Dr. David Munro

Dr David Munro is a highly qualified physiotherapist with over 25 years’ experience. He holds a PhD from Monash University and is an accredited ImPACT trained Concussion Physiotherapist.

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